Making entries transcript

Demonstration of how to perform Entry Submissions

1. Select Entries from the list of services

2. Select Entry submissions under Making entries

a) First you need to select a series

b) Click on the i button if you need guidance

3. Select a series from the drop down menu

a) Then click on select series

4. You can copy your candidates from a previous series if you wish

5. Select an option from the drop down menu

6. Click on continue

You will now see a form for candidate details

If you choose to copy candidates they will appear here

These can be edited before you submit

You can enter new candidates in the blank rows

7. Enter the four digit Candidate Number

8. Enter the candidate’s legal Surname and Forenames in full as block capitals

9. Enter Gender as a single letter

10. Enter Date Of Birth as DD/MM/YY

11. For private candidates, enter a P here - otherwise leave this blank

12. You must use your candidate’s previous UCI number

13. Where no UCI has been previously issued, create one as follows

a) Enter your five digit Centre Number

b) Then enter a zero

c) Next, add the last two digits of the current year

d) Then enter your candidate’s four digit Candidate Number

e) The system will automatically generate a check letter when you save your data

Remember to save your data regularly

14. For advice on ULNs, visit the Entry Submissions Help page

a). Click on the ? button

b) Scroll down to the section on ULNs

c) Follow the link through to our webpage on ULNs

d) You can leave the UPN field blank

15.You can look up the Entry code on our main website

a) Click on the i button

b) Then click on the Entries icon

c) Click on the link for the latest entry codes book

d) Search for the relevant components

e) Entry codes are in this column

f) Don’t forget to add the overall Award Codes

g) Check that the Series availability column shows a tick

Do not use Specification codes

16. If you are entering multiple codes, simply leave a space between codes

a) Continue adding Entry Codes and Award Codes for all subjects and candidates

Heading: Remember to save your data regularly

Heading: Do not use full stops, commas or other symbols

17.You will need to remove any copied candidates who do not have an Entry Code, as these will not be entered

18.Click on submit when you are finished and ready to submit your entries

a) You will have a chance to review your data - including your Entry Codes - before confirming it

b) You must click confirm to send us your entries

c) Make a note of your Submission reference in case of queries

d) You can review your Entry submissions using the Series search

e) You can re-type to amend an Entry and re-submit

Thanks for watching!

We hope you found this demonstration helpful