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Co-teaching guide

The subject content for Business is structured so that the first year of the A-level starts with a foundation topic ‘What is Business?’ and moves into decision making within the functional areas of business; marketing, operations, finance and human resources. The second year of the A-level builds on the first year by considering strategy and the impact of, eg, technology, environmental and ethical influences on strategic decision making and functional areas. Business is co-teachable in that all subject content in the first year of the A-level is also all the content of the AS course. This means that both AS students and A-level year 1 students can be taught the content together with ease.

It may be possible for the AS to be taught over two years (funding permitting). The six topics could be spread over two years.

Additional topics at A-level include:

  • Analysing the strategic position of a business
  • Choosing strategic direction
  • Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies
  • Managing strategic change.

Assessment objectives and weighting for AS and A-level

  • AO1 20-30% (A-level); 25-35% (AS)
    Demonstrate knowledge of terms, concepts, theories, methods and models to show an understanding of how individuals and organisations are affected by and respond to business issues
  • AO2 20-30% (A-level and AS)
    Apply knowledge and understanding to various business contexts to show how individuals and organisations are affected by and respond to issues

  • AO3 20-30% (A-level and AS)
    Analyse issues within business, showing an understanding of the impact on individuals and organisations of external and internal influences
  • AO4 20-30% (A-level); 15-25% (AS-level)
    Evaluate quantitative and qualitative information to make informed judgements and propose evidence-based solutions to business issues

Specifications that use this resource: