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These resources have been designed and produced by Teachit to support your teaching of specific areas and topics of our new GCSE Computer Science specification. They’re designed as a suggestion only and not as a prescriptive approach. You are free to organise your teaching material in any way that suits the needs of your students.

3.1 Fundamentals of algorithms

3.1.1 Representing algorithms

3.1.3 Searching algorithms

3.1.4 Sorting algorithms

3.3 Fundamentals of data representation

3.3.1 Number bases and 3.3.3 Units of information

3.3.2 Converting between number bases

3.3.5 Character encoding and 3.3.6 Representing images

3.3.7 Representing sound

3.3.8 Data compression

Introduction and Run Length Encoding (RLE)

Huffman coding

3.4 Computer systems

3.4.2 Boolean logic

3.6 Fundamentals of cyber security

3.6.1 Cyber security threats Social engineering Malicious code

3.6.2 Methods to detect and prevent cyber security threats

Specifications that use this resource: