Specifications that use this resource:

Set text editions

You won't be required to use specific editions of our set texts for GCSE English Literature (8702). This is because we know that many of you will already have suitable versions of the set texts in stock cupboards and we don't want to cause you to spend money unnecessarily.

However, there are three texts that we'd like to draw your attention to.


When we select extracts from Frankenstein for Paper 1 Section B we will use the 1831 version. This is the version that has been the most frequently used and teachers tell us that this is the version already in their schools. However, if students write a response using the 1818 version our examiners will look to reward all responses as appropriate. It is worth bearing in mind that some editions of this version organise the text into three volumes, as with the original 1818 version, and some use sequential chapter numbering. We will always refer to this second approach in our question papers.

Blood Brothers

There are two versions of Blood Brothers available: a short play script that was originally developed for performance in schools and the musical which is more widely known and performed in theatres. Our examiners will credit responses to either version accordingly, but we recommend that students study the musical version as this has proved to be the more suitable text for study at this level.

Great Expectations

When we select extracts from Great Expectations for Paper 1 Section B we will use the 1867 edition which ends with: 'I saw no shadow of another parting from her'. Again, this is the most commonly-used version and the one that is already in schools. Again, this version uses sequential chapter numbering (1 - 59).