English e-Library: our anthologies online

The e-Library holds online versions of our printed anthologies for GCSE, AS and A-level English specifications.

If you already have an access code you can log in to the English e-Library. Otherwise, see 'How to get access' below.

What is it?

The e-Library is not just text on a screen – you can use it like a real document, adding your own highlights, comments, links, video and audio for your students to explore.

It gives you a whole host of ways to plan your students’ journey through the set texts and bring the texts to life. You can use it to deliver your front-of-class lessons, and give students access so you can set homework and encourage independent learning.

Our English e-Library is a joint development with Cambridge University Press.

Get an access code

  1. The English e-Library is powered by Cambridge Elevate. Does your school or college already have access to Elevate?
    • If no, your school or college needs to nominate an administrator (lead user) in your English department who will be your English e-Library administrator, by filling in the administrator (lead user) nomination form. They don't need specific IT skills, but they must be there to support your department in accessing the English e-Library.
    • If yes, you'll already have an administrator (lead user). Call our subject team on 0161 953 7504, or email English-GCE@aqa.org.uk or English-GCSE@aqa.org.uk
  2. After you complete the form, Cambridge will send your administrator (lead user) their login details within 10 working days. The email will come from PTAS (noreply@cambridge.org).
  3. Your administrator (lead user) can then set up an access code for each English teacher in the school or college.
    • Administrators (lead users): there's a user guide inside the English e-Library itself, and a link to technical support.

Each English teacher can then set up access for each of their students.

User guides