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Launch meeting: introduction to the specification [webinar]

In October 2015 we ran an online webinar covering our new ELC mathematics specification. ELC Mathematics has been designed to build basic and relevant mathematical skills and is suitable for students of all ages.

During the webinar we covered:

  • the content, assessment structure and resources for the new specification
  • ideas for delivery from project-based approaches to co-teaching with GCSE Maths

This document accompanies the webinar:

Your questions answered - qualification requirements

How can you tell what is entry 1, 2 or 3 on the route map?

The route map is for entry 3 only and it shows how to progress from entry 3 to specific areas of the Foundation GCSE.

The completion date for 4930 is May 2016. Can I use the activities from the new ELC specification for June 2017?

Yes, everything written for the new specification is for certification in June 2017 onwards.

Do standard access arrangements apply - for example extra time or a reader scribe?

Yes for the ELC qualification you don’t need prior written or verbal permission from us; we just need you to send in the JCQ form 13 with details of any help given.

When will the actual EAs be available online?

Set 1 for the new specification is available on e-AQA, Sets 2 and 3 will follow in 2016.

Set 2 will be available online in the spring and Set 3 should be available at the end of the summer.

Do the assignments need to be done under exam conditions?

No, assignments do not need to be done under exam conditions they just need to be completed under controlled conditions with no referring.

Are there formal sheets that I will need to fill in to record their results?

Yes, there are formal sheets for both the outgoing specification (4930) and the new specification (5930).

Your questions answered - qualification components

Is there just one assignment for each component and the number of marks dictates whether they have got Level 1, 2 or 3?

For each component the student completes one assignment or piece of classwork that meets the outcomes of that component. The overall level isn’t determined for each individual component, all totals are added together at the end and so the overall mark out of 240 will determine the level achieved.

Can students just do entry level 3 without completing entry level 1 and 2 worksheets?

In several cases yes, but only if the entry 3 outcome subsumes outcomes at a lower level. This is not the case in all components for all entry 3 outcomes. There is a table in the back of the specification showing which outcomes are subsumed. There is also a record sheet on All about Maths that details this information.

Is it four compulsory external assignments and four internally set activities?

Yes, there are four compulsory external assignments and four internally set activities of each for the outgoing specification (4930) which finishes in 2016.

For the new specification (5930) from 2017 you can do between 4 and 8 external assignments, any components that students do not do an assignment for will need to be covered by internal work.

Do you have to do the components in order or can you mix them up?

You can mix up the components and do them in any order.

Could we gather evidence and do external assessments in year 9/10 and submit for students before year 11 and then move on to GCSE with them?

Yes we hope many schools will be able to use this qualification in that way. First certification for 5930 is summer 2017 but there will also be a January series from 2018 onwards giving you more flexibility.

How many marks does a student need for entry 1, entry 2, and entry 3 on the new specification over the 8 assessments?

Unfortunately we won’t know how many marks a student will need for entry 1, entry 2 and entry 3 until after the first series of the qualification in 2017. The grade boundaries are determined once we have students work to review and statistics about their marks.

If students had an extra 25% time allowance for their GCSE, do they get the extra 25% extra time for the component tests?

The time for the tests is only a guide; students may have longer if required.

How many external assessments will there be?

There will be 3 sets of 8 external assessments by the end of this academic year (2015–2016). You can use tests from any of the 3 sets and you can mix and match between them. The tests from the outgoing specification (4930) will not be valid in 2017.

When do they sit an exam and which exam is it?

There are no exams; students complete the work for each component whenever they are ready.

If I intend to only use the full eight exam modules, do I need to keep their exam papers (those they fail as well as pass)?

If you do all eight external assignments for the new specification (5930), you will need to send all eight in as the overall mark for all eight will determine what level is achieved; you don’t pass or fail any one particular component (external assignment).

Can students be assessed on eight externally set assignments only with no classwork submitted?

For the new specification (5930) from 2017 onwards yes students can be assessed on eight externally set assignments with no classwork submitted. For the outgoing specification (4930) for 2016 you can only have a maximum of four external assignments.

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These resources help you to prepare for your teaching year and include information, support and services to help you deliver the specification.

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