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Features and benefits

Maths is for everyone; we design qualifications and support to enable students to engage with, explore, enjoy and succeed in maths.

We love maths; it is diverse, engaging and essential in equipping students with the right skills to reach their future destination, whatever that may be.

Level 3 Mathematical Studies (also known as Core Maths) focuses on using mainly familiar maths in a range of contexts to help prepare students to be competent and confident in using maths in their studies, careers and lives.

What is our Level 3 Mathematical Studies qualification?

  • A new Level 3 maths qualification, half the size of an A-level, with two end-of-course examinations
  • The content is based around the new GCSE Maths Higher Tier (first teaching 2015), with around 20% taken from other qualifications, for example A-level Maths
  • The qualification will be considered for:
    • UCAS points
    • 16 to 19 Level 3 maths performance measure for schools and colleges
    • The maths element of the new Tech Bacc
    • Industry
  • This qualification will be available for first teaching from September 2014.

Who is it suitable for?

Our Level 3 Mathematical Studies qualification is for students with a grade 4 or above in GCSE. It develops mathematical skills and thinking appropriate for a Level 3 qualification. It provides useful maths skills for students studying courses such as A-level Psychology, Sciences and Geography; as well as technical and vocational qualifications. Students will learn and apply real-world maths skills, which we’ve built a strong reputation for through our popular suite of Free Standing Maths Qualifications (FSMQs).

How did we develop it?

Throughout the development of our qualification, we have shared our ideas and draft specification and assessment materials with teachers, higher education institutions, industry representatives and subject associations.

Using their suggestions and feedback, along with our 10 year experience of offering Level 3 Free Standing Maths Qualifications (FSMQs) and AS level Use of Maths qualifications, we’ve created a qualification that teachers say:

  • is relevant to real life
  • is modern
  • is accessible to students
  • is readable
  • applies to all careers.

Teachers' feedback helped us create an assessment which:

  • has an assessment time of two one and a half hour papers at 60 marks each to suit students' concentration levels
  • has two question papers of equal demand with clear language and layout so students can get to grips with the maths
  • has a mix of question types and progression throughout the papers to help students settle into the exam and maintain confidence through them
  • has a section in paper 2 based on analysis of maths in the media, which will include use of spreadsheets and tables
  • focuses on realistic contexts to help students enjoy and value the maths
  • makes use of pre-release materials to help prepare students for examinations.

Specifications that use this resource: