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Resource list

Please find below a list of free resources to help support you with the delivery of the Psychology specification.

Please note that resources without the ‘AQA approved’ badge have not been through our approval process, even if AQA is used in the title.


Name of association


American Psychological Association (APA)

The APA Dictionary of Psychology

The APA Psychology Topics

APA Teachers of Psychology in secondary schools

Online Psychology Laboratory

The OPL library of demonstrations provides interactive studies and examples to explain, explore and apply psychological concepts.

APA Ethnic Minority Psychological Associations

The APA Twitter

Association for Psychological Science

Association for Psychological Science resources

APS Racism

Association of Teachers of Psychology (ATP)

The Association for the Teaching of Psychology


The brain a secret history

The human body and mind Radio 4 – all in the mind

British Psychological Association (BPS)

BPS Teachers Toolkit

The BPS Research Digest

BPS Resource List

BPS A–Z of Psychology

The BPS Twitter

BIPP Network - BAME in Psychiatry & Psychology

An initiative holding quarterly panel discussions, talks, workshops, and/or presentations at King’s College London, delivered by psychiatrists, psychologists, and mental health practitioners. Its activities provide insight, guidance, and knowledge on accessing careers in psychiatry and psychology for individuals of BAME background; the activities increase exposure to, learning, and discussion of cross-cultural or BAME psychological theory, practice and research.

BIPP Network
BME Diversifying Psychology away from its White, Western BiasBME
Freud Museum

Freud Museum Education

What is Psychoanalysis? Is it Weird? video series

International Network for the Teaching of Psychology (InterTOP)InterTOPResources
Association of Black Psychologists (UKABPsi)

Association of Black Psychologists (UK ABPsi) 

Resource websites

Name of resource website


A-level Psychology.net

A-level Psychology.net

Physics and Maths Tutor

Physics and Maths Tutor Psychology

Psych Page




Simply PsychologySimply Psychology
TumblrTumblr: teach psychology

YouTube channels

Name of YouTube channel


Crash Course Psychology

Crash Course Psychology playlist

Miss Earle’s Psychology

Miss Earle's Psychology


Psych Boost

Red Psychology

Red Psychology

Super Psychology

Super Psychology



Ted Talks (Psychology)

TedTalk (Psychology)

The Psych Show

The Psych Show



Classroom posters and displays

Free posters that you can download.

Name of poster or display



APA Kenneth and Mamie Clark poster

The Skilful Psychology Student

The Scope and Breadth of Psychology

APA the role of psychology in preventing violence

APA the role of psychologists in protecting the environment

AQAOptions evening: posters
BPS Psychology Careers postersBPS Careers posters

What is psychoanalysis?

The Stanford Prison Experiment

Top tips for revision success

Pictures/biographies of famous psychologists

Pictures of famous psychologists

APA 5 phenomenal women of colour who changed psychology

Women who changed psychology


Choosing a statistical test poster

Developing effective evaluation poster

Super-curricular activity

Stretch and challenge and enhancing a students’ personal statements.

Name of super-curricular activity


MOOCS (Psychology)

MOOCS Psychology

Open Learn (Psychology)

Open Learn Psychology

Psychology Today

Psychology Today

Staircase 12 Oxford University (Psychology)

Staircase 12 Psychology

An online hub of resources and information from Oxford University, for students thinking about applying to top universities.

Oxford University explore your subject resource Hub

Science FridayScience Friday resources
TedTalks (Mental Health)TedTalk Mental Health playlist
Psychology Review magazine Hodder Education – Psychology Review

Learning apps for students

Name of app




Revision app

Gojimo Psychology revision app


Revision app for AQA A-level Psychology

Free AQA Psychology Revision Seneca

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