Specifications that use this resource:

Summary of changes

This resource outlines the main changes that have been made to the assessment and subject content from the current AS and A-level Religious Studies (2060) to the new specification (7061).

Our new specifications have been developed in line with the regulatory requirements provided by the Department for Education (DfE) and Ofqual, and are designed to be accessible for students of all abilities.

Changes to AS Religious Studies

What’s new What’s gone What’s the same What’s changed

Study of one religion, with the Philosophy of religion, and the Ethics of religion.

The AS has been decoupled from the A-level and is a stand-alone qualification.

The switch from modular to linear means that many of the optional units have gone. These include:

  • Old and New Testament
  • Religion and Contemporary Society
  • Religion and Art/Church History
  • Islam: Life of the Prophet.

Others remain but are examined in a different way.

Many topics have been carried over from the existing specification. These include:

  • Arguments for the existence of God
  • Evil and suffering
  • Religious experience
  • Self, death and the afterlife
  • Ethical theories, abortion and euthanasia.

The emphasis in each topic has shifted from knowledge and understanding to analysis and evaluation.

The causes of differences within religion and in response to philosophical and ethical issues must be studied along with the influence of the beliefs, practices and attitudes.