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Summary of changes

We've outlined the main changes in assessment and subject content from our previous GCSE Religious Studies A (4050) and GCSE Religious Studies B (4055) to the our new GCSE Religious Studies A specification (8062).

Changes to GCSE Religious Studies A

What’s new What’s gone What’s the same What’s changed

Study of two religions and four themes.

All four themes may be philosophical and ethical themes.

If one of the religions studied is Christianity (or Catholic Christianity) then two of the themes may be text based from Mark’s Gospel.

From outgoing Specification A, separate ethics papers and Luke’s Gospel.

From outgoing Specification B, Religious expressions in society and some of the topics within other units such as religion, sport and leisure, and religion and work.

Much of the content has been carried over.

Themes include familiar material from both specifications and will allow use of some existing resources.

You can still select from six world religions with two options in Christianity.

Students need to be aware of different attitudes to issues within and/or between religions and beliefs in Great Britain today.

Students must also study the influence of beliefs and practices.

The exam includes some extended writing in the form of an essay, testing evaluative skills.

Specifications that use this resource: