Tech-level administration

Information for exams officers who are managing Tech-level qualifications.

Apply to become an approved centre

You need to be an approved centre to enter students for our qualifications. Make sure you become an approved centre before you start teaching a course.

Approved centres: apply to deliver Tech-levels

If you’re already an AQA-approved school or college, but haven’t delivered our Tech-level qualifications before, you need to complete our additional delivery requirements form and return it to

Administration procedures and Vocational Gateway

Our Tech-level centre procedures guide has all the information you’ll need to manage these qualifications – including how to:

  • log in to and use the Vocational Gateway
  • make annual registrations
  • enter learners for examined units
  • upload internally assessed marks
  • manage results.

For advice and guidance on internal quality assessment managed within your school or college, see our guide for internal quality assurers (IQA) and assessors

Fees, invoices and how to pay

You'll need to pay registration fees for our Tech-level qualifications. If you're a private, independent or non-UK centre, you'll also need to pay an application fee. More information is available on our entry fees page.

You must pay either by BACS (bank transfer) or by cheque, at the same time that the application is returned to us. Read our invoices and how to pay policy to find out more.


Key dates

Each year, you'll need to:

  • register all learners on Gateway by 21 October
  • submit internal assignments results by 15 May.

Other key dates for Tech-levels (including exams & external assignments) are available on key dates

Help and contacts

For subject queries, call our Teacher Services team on 0800 085 0391 or email us at

For Gateway queries, email our Delivery team at