Performance descriptions

AS and A-level

Performance descriptions show the level of attainment characteristic of the grade boundaries at AS and A-level. They give a general indication of the required learning outcomes at the A/B and E/U boundaries at AS and A-level.

The descriptions must be interpreted in relation to the specification content; they are not designed to define that content.

In practice, the grade that's awarded will depend on how well the student has met the Assessment Objectives overall. Shortcomings in student performance in some aspects of assessment are balanced by better performance in others.

At the start of the course, you must refer to the performance descriptions and online exemplification materials at both AS and A-level, to ensure that you're clear about the difference in AS and A-level standards.

The performance descriptions are common to all exam boards. They are currently in development and will be published on our website once they're approved by Ofqual.