Why choose this specification?

A-level History of Art assumes no prior knowledge of this area of study. It is suitable for a range of students who wish to develop their interest in, and enjoyment of, the subject.

Knowledge and skills gained:

  • methods of researching, investigating and interpreting
  • knowledge about the roles and achievements of practitioners
  • an understanding of the relationship between society and art
  • art historical terms and issues
  • how works of art and architecture are interpreted and evaluated
  • an appreciation of significant art historical themes from classical Greece to the end of the twentieth century.

Teachers and students like: 

  • the thematic approach that appeals to a young and dynamic audience
  • the balance between formal qualities and the choice of works and periods that can be adapted to suit both the teachers' and students' needs
  • its suitability for a range of students and scope
  • the opportunity for teachers to develop courses that reflect their own interests, strengths and available resources
  • the fact that the course complements the study of other subjects such as Art and Design, History, English Literature and the Humanities.

Support for teaching this specification

We offer a range of support to help teachers including:

  • a variety of online teacher resource material including past papers and reports on examinations, schemes of work, resources lists and topic coverage guidance
  • round-the-clock support through our website and Ask AQA.

Career opportunities and further studies

This specification is particularly suitable for students who want to study History of Art or related subjects at a higher level, or who wish to pursue a career in the Arts or Architecture.