Changes for 2021

This page may be out of date

The Government announced on 6 January that exams won’t go ahead as normal in summer 2021, so some of this information may change. We’ll update this page as soon as further detail becomes available.

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Following Ofqual’s announcement regarding summer 2021, here are the changes you need to know about.

Please bear in mind that these changes apply to summer 2021 only.

Students will complete only Component 1

For GCSE Art and Design: Art, Craft and Design, Fine Art, Graphic Communication, Textile Design, 3D Design and Photography, students will complete Component 1 (Portfolio) only.

This means that students won’t need to start or complete Component 2. The exam papers for 2021 will not be released on e-AQA in January (GCSE).

Moderation to be reviewed

In relation to visiting moderation in June, our preference would always be to moderate at a visit. However, we need to make sure we’re doing what’s right based on whatever coronavirus restrictions are in place. We’ll review this in early 2021 to decide on the best approach and we’ll publish further information early next year to confirm.

Online teacher standardisation

Due to the impacts of coronavirus, teacher standardisation will be moving to online standardisation with live webinars. This will include a video of the administrative briefing, and a video showing one of our subject experts talking through the training sets. Examples of Component 1 work will be provided across all titles for you and your departments to mark, and we will hold live webinars where our subject experts will talk through the marks. They will also answer any questions about the work and marks that you may have.

No other changes

Students will need to complete Component 1 in the normal way.

Component 1 will be marked out of 96 as usual.

The assessment criteria in the specification remains the same.

Help and support

Please contact your NEA adviser for further support on conducting the NEA.

If you don’t know who your NEA adviser is, your exams officer will have these details, or you can contact us.