Business Subjects and Economics (4130)

This specification is no longer being taught or examined. It's here for reference only. For the current specifications, see GCSE Business (8132) and GCSE Economics (8136).


Last exams in June 2018. There will be no re-sit opportunity.

Codes and references

Qualification type GCSE
Specification title Business Subjects and Economics
Specification code 4130
Certification code 4136 Applied Business Double
4133 Business Studies Full
4131 Business Studies Short
4134 Business and Communications Full
4135 Economics Full
4132 Economics Short
QAN codes 500/4423/0 Applied Business Double

500/4508/8 Business Studies Full

500/4416/3 Business Studies Short

500/4422/9 Business and Communications Full

500/4417/5 Economics Full

500/4468/0 Economics Short

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