Changes for 2022

Because of the ongoing impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there are some changes to how our Applied General in Business will be  assessed in 2022. These changes are for 2022 only.

Exams with these changes for 2022 have now taken place. This information is for reference only.

Extended validity of assignments

We’ve extended the validity of the 2021 externally-set assignments for ABS3. This means portfolio tasks A and B will be valid for January 2022 and June 2022 assessment.

Students who partially completed the 2021 assignments, but didn’t have the opportunity to submit their work in 2021, may be entered in the January or June 2022 series.

We will calculate the marks for students that were entered for ABS3 in summer 2021. This means they do not need to enter ABS3 in 2022. However, we know that some students may want to improve their mark by entering their 2021 ABS3 assignment in 2022. We will accept their assignments.

Students taking the Extended Certificate in 2022 who were not entered for ABS3 in 2021 and will need to enter ABS3 in 2022 and can submit the 2021 or 2022 tasks.

Read our full notes and guidance on how grades will be determined in 2022

No other changes

Any new students to Applied General Business will have to submit the new 2022 tasks, which are now available on e-AQA Secure Key Materials (SKM).

We’ve made no other changes to the Applied General Business Certificate and Extended Certificate.

Help and support

If you require further guidance or support, please contact us.