AS and A-level Dance


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Why AS and A-level Dance

The study of dance enables students to develop socially whilst promoting creativity, fitness and well-being. As your students become performers, they’ll also develop their confidence, self-esteem and team working skills.

Assessment includes a combination of practical dance tasks alongside creative extended writing assignments. This equips students with the necessary skills and experience to study dance further, or embark on an exciting career in the arts.


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Dance is vital: an activity both exhilarating and liberating to watch or do. The instinct to dance is fundamentally joyous and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get away from it. It can also be a huge force for good, effectively drawing people together and levelling everyone through sheer hard work. All these things make dance such a challenging but exhilarating subject to take on at AS or A-level. I wish I’d had the chance to do that when I was young.

Richard Alston,
Choreographer, Richard Alston Dance Company

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