Specification at a glance

AS Examinations (Award 1551)

Unit 1 - PROD1 Materials, Components and Application

50% of AS, 25% of A Level

2 hour written paper

80 marks

Based primarily on Materials and Components and consisting of three sections

Section 1 contains compulsory limited response questions

Section 2 offers a choice of one question from two

Section 3 contains one compulsory question

Available January and June

Unit 2 - PROD2 Learning Through Designing and Making

 50% of AS, 25% of A Level

Coursework - approx 50 hours

80 marks

Written (or electronic) design portfolio

Manufactured outcome(s)

Coursework may take a number of forms: a simple design-and-make project, two smaller projects or a portfolio of work

 Available June only

A Level Examinations (Award 2551)

Unit 3 - PROD3 Design and Manufacture

25% of A Level

2 hour written paper

84 marks

Based primarily on Design and Manufacture and consisting of two sections  

Candidates answer three questions: one question from three in each section, plus a final question from either section.

Includes synoptic assessment

Available June only

Unit 4 - PROD4 Design and Making Practice

25% of A Level

Coursework - approx 60 hours

85 marks

Written (or electronic) design folder

Manufactured outcome  

Candidates submit evidence of a simple, substantial designing and making activity

Available June only