Subject content

The subject content is split into six sections. This subject content should be taught within a range of realistic contexts based around the major themes in the specification. To gain the most from the specification, sections will benefit from being taught holistically. For example, the properties of particular materials could be taught in a practical environment.

The subject content is presented in three columns. The left-hand column contains the specification content that all students must cover, and that is assessed in the written papers and/or NEA. The central column gives additional information that teachers require to ensure that their students study the topic in appropriate depth and, where appropriate, gives teachers the parameters in which the subject will be assessed.

Students must also demonstrate mathematical knowledge and understanding, in relation to engineering. The right-hand column throughout this section illustrates where the maths skills and knowledge can be applied to the wider engineering content.

The mathematical skills and knowledge as required by the DfE, are set out in Appendix 1: Mathematical understanding of this document.

Non-exam assessment (NEA) outlines what students must produce for the NEA, and the marking criteria.