How we've made AS and A-level co-teachable transcript

A-level English

How we've made AS and A-level co-teachable

Catheryn Murrant, Head of English

We appreciate that there are different ways you may want to offer our qualifications and, of course, we understand that you want to provide them to as wide a range of students as possible. With this in mind, we decided to develop all our AS and A-level English qualifications to be co-teachable, to help you be as flexible as possible.

This allows you to work with your students and support them when making their choice about whether to study AS or A-level English. We want this specification to work for you and your students, so anything that we can do to help that is important to us. One way we've done this is for English Literature: all the A-level texts are set for study at AS too, so all your students can begin studying the two-year course and then decide later to take the AS exam if they wish. For Literature A, the AS course is co-teachable with paper one of the A-level. Literature A’s approach of studying texts over time linked by the overarching theme of love, means that AS and A-level students can work towards clearly differentiated examinations which are unified by the reading around the topic of love through the ages.

For English Language and indeed for Language and Literature, the AS content is a subset of the A-level content, and the AS content has been carefully selected so that the topics and skills learnt are those that are most appropriately covered in the first year of an A-level course. Whilst the specifications are co-teachable, there will always be some additional teaching required for the AS assessment, as you would expect. This flexibility gives the opportunity for you to use your professional judgement when advising students who may be unsure about progressing to the second year. We hope this flexibility will be helpful and appealing to you and your students.

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