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These meetings offer great networking opportunities and also address teacher needs and relevant themes each term. Come along to discuss strategies, best practice, share resources and exchange experiences with your local English community.

Summer 2018: Common skills required for both GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature

The theme for this summer’s hub meetings is 'myth busting'. We will provide:

  • a focus on the skill of comparison, which is common to both qualifications
  • myth busting about the use of mnemonics
  • an exploration of subject terminology and its usefulness in context
  • an AQA case study focusing on 'crafting and drafting' in written responses.

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Previous meetings and resources

Spring 2018: GCSE English Language

In these sessions, we looked at descriptive writing in detail, and discussed ways your students can improve narrative.

Spring 2018: A-level English

These meetings supported those teaching our A-level English Language and A-level English Language and Literature specifications. We looked at how to apply appropriate language methods and how to link those methods to meanings, interpretations and representations. We also examined context and mode, and considered working with comparisons.

Autumn 2017: GCSE English Literature

In this session we explored Assessment Objective 3 and context, along with text choices and common misconceptions. We also looked at ways to prepare your students for poetry.

Autumn 2017: AS and A-level English Literature A and B

Split into three sessions, the meeting first looked at Specification A and how to make effective use of the extract, plus tackling passage-based questions.

Session two was based on Literature A and B, and looked at the transition from GCSE to A-level and how the new linear GCSE English Literature specification might influence your planning.

Session three looked at Literature B, and what it really means to 'answer the question'.

Summer 2017: GCSE English specifications

At this session we explained what we do to make sure students get the right results, including information on how grade boundaries are set.

Summer 2017: AS and A-level English Language and Literature

The first network session exclusively for teachers of AS and A-level English Language and Literature (7706, 7707) focused on lessons learned from first teaching of the new specifications.

Spring 2017: GCSE English Language

This GCSE-based session focused on the transition from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4.

Spring 2017: AS and A-level English Language

These networking sessions focused on less familiar areas of the A-level English Language specification, as identified by your feedback.

Autumn 2016: GCSE English Literature

These network meetings included discussions on independent learning, featuring items for both literature and language teachers.

Autumn 2016: AS and A-level English Literature specifications

These sessions focused on the two A-level English Literature specifications, and the theme was independent learning.

You can find presentations and resources from earlier English hub school network meetings on Secure Key Materials (SKM) on e-AQA.

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