Changes for 2022

Because of the ongoing impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there are some changes to how A-level Geography will be assessed in 2022.

These changes are for 2022 only.

What you need to know

  • Fieldwork is not required
  • Flexibility in how students collect primary data
  • Advanced information on exams

Fieldwork not required

Students do not need to complete four days of fieldwork.

This means you do not need to submit a centre declaration form to say that students have been given the opportunity to undertake fieldwork.

Whilst it is not required, we still encourage you to plan and deliver as much fieldwork as possible.

Flexibility in collecting primary data

Students must still collect primary data for the Independent Investigation (NEA). However, there is flexibility in how this can be achieved safely.

  • Students can use technology to collect primary data virtually. This means if students are unable to collect primary data in the traditional way (in the field) they can still access the full range of marks. See examples of collecting primary data virtually.
  • Students must still use a mix of primary date and secondary data. However, they can make greater use of secondary sources for 2022 assessment.
  • Students are still able to use unmanipulated (raw) data such as census, USGS or meteorological data as a secondary data source.

It’s important that students maintain independence. Teachers are still not permitted to provide students with data sets, lists of titles or provide feedback on draft work.

Advance information on exams will be available

To help students focus their exam preparation, there will be advance information on what exams will cover.

This advance information will be available by 7 February 2022, or sooner if the pandemic worsens.

In the meantime, the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) has published guidance for teachers and students on the use of advance information for 2022.

No other changes

There are no other planned changes to our A-level Geography specification or assessments.

Component 7037/1 (Paper 1: Physical Geography) and 7037/2 (Paper 2: Human Geography) will be assessed as normal.

Students will be required to complete the NEA for 7037/C: Independent Investigation and corresponding Candidate Record Form (CRF).

Help and support

For further help and support delivering A-level Geography for assessment in 2022, please contact us.