AS and A-level History

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Summer 2021 will be the final assessment for the following AS History (7041) components:

  • 7041/1B Spain in the Age of Discovery
  • 7041/1E Russia in the Age of Absolutism and Enlightenment
  • 7041/2C The Reformation in Europe
  • 7041/2F The Sun King: Louis XIV, France and Europe
  • 7041/2H France in Revolution
  • 7041/2K International Relations and Global Conflict
  • 7041/2T The Crisis of Communism: The USSR and the Soviet Empire
  • Teaching from: September 2015
  • Exams from: 2016 (AS), 2017 (A-level)
  • Specification code: 7041 7042
  • QAN code: 601/4974/7 (AS); 601/4973/5 (A-level)

We're confident you'll enjoy teaching our AS and A-level History specification and that it will enable your students to show what they can do. Have a look at our specification and assessment materials.


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