Specification at a glance

Child Development 4582

This specification is one of two which follow the GCSe Home Economics criteria. The other specification is GCSE Home Economics: Food and Nutrition.

There is one tier of  assessment, with a single paperwhich covers all of the grades A* - G.

Unit 1: Written Paper (45801)

1 hour 30 mins 100 marks - 40%

6-8 compulsory questions comprised of short answer, structured and free response questions. Some questions may include stimulus material.

Unit 2: Research Task (45802)

30 marks - 20% 

The Research Task must be completed under supervision within the classroom and should occupy approximately 7 hours of supervised time.

Unit 3: Child Study (45803)

60 marks - 40%

The Child Study must be completed under supervision within the classroom and should occupy approximately 20 hours of supervised time.

For assessments and subject awards after June 2013 there is a requirement that 100% of the assessment is terminal.