Modern Hebrew (2675)

We're pleased to announce our plans to continue offering A-level Modern Hebrew, subject to agreeing appropriate content requirements with the Department for Education (DfE).

We've also agreed in principle to offer Biblical Hebrew at A-level, after another board has announced that they wouldn't be continuing to offer it. We know this subject is valued by many of the same schools that offer Modern Hebrew.

The last exams for students taking the current AS and A-levels will be June 2019, with a final re-sit opportunity in June 2020.

Subject to agreeing appropriate content with the DfE and Ofqual, our reformed A-level Modern Hebrew will be ready for first teaching in September 2018 with first awarding in 2020.

Find out more about these changes and which qualifications we are planning to offer in the future. You can also contact the customer support team on the details shown below.

The A-level Modern Hebrew specification brings the language to life as students apply their learning to real-life scenarios. There's also an opportunity to study the culture and history of the countries and communities concerned.

From GCSE to A-level, our Modern Hebrew language specifications offer a clear route of progression, building on grammar and topic content at each stage. Seamless progression within our qualifications can help encourage students to stay with their studies.

Given employers' demand for language skills, this could mean higher employability for your students.

GCSE language qualifications also contribute toward the English Baccalaureate.


The last January exams for AS and A2 were in January 2013.
The exams are now only in June due to Changes to A-levels.

Codes and references

Qualification type AS and A-level
Specification title Modern Hebrew
Specification code 2675
Certification code 1676 AS
2676 A2
QAN codes 50023184

Updates to Modern Hebrew (2675)

When there are changes to the specification, updates appear here.

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