3.1 Social issues and trends

Students must study the themes and sub-themes below in relation to Poland. Students must study the themes and sub-themes using a range of sources, including material from online media.

Sub-theme: The Polish family

  • Changing roles within the family
  • The generation gap
  • Traditional and modern values

Sub-theme: The evolution of the digital world in Poland

  • The internet in daily life
  • Social media – benefits and dangers
  • The digitalisation of Polish society

Theme: Aspects of Polish-speaking society: past and current issues

Sub-theme: Social diversity and mobility in Poland

  • Education and career choices
  • People on the margins of society
  • Tolerance and respect

Sub-theme: Impact of emigration on Polish society

  • Reasons for emigration
  • Advantages and disadvantages for Polish society
  • Attitudes within Poland to migration