We speak your language video transcript

We speak your language

Our guide to the new GCSE specification

Judith Rowland-Jones, Head of Languages

Language assessments will be changing in 2018 so from September 2016 teachers will be teaching our new specifications. 

How did we design our specifications?

Teachers and students have really been at the heart of our development. We've consulted widely with a range of practising teachers and other stakeholders to ensure that we develop specifications that really do meet their needs. 

What are the main changes to the assessments?

There are three main areas of change.

  • one is around the introduction of translation which is something new for GCSE
  • secondly, the requirement to have target language questions and answers in the listening and reading test
  • and thirdly the inclusion of literary texts in the reading exam.

What else will affect students?

There's going to be a new grading system introduced and there are also changes to the entry system in that students will have to enter for a single tier of entry which is different to the 'mix and match' approach that we have at the moment.

How can we help you through the transition?

We know that changes can be very unsettling for teachers so we want teachers to feel confident that they can pick up the phone, talk to our subject experts here at AQA and get all of the help that they need to make this transition as smooth as possible.

We want teachers to know that we really do speak their language.

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