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Better Maths, better future

The big issues for Maths teaching, every Wednesday

Male in shirt

Yep, I’m good to go, yeah.

Female with brown hair

It’s in what you see, it’s in what you do and it’s in the way you think even from the moment you wake up in the morning.

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It not only provides you with the skill set to solve problems, it provides you with the desire and the confidence to solve problems.

Female with glasses

It encompasses so many life skills.

Male with short beard

It's about problem solving, it's about analysing things before you act.

Female with dark hair and glasses

Think of all the things we wouldn’t have if it wasn't for maths. [laughing] I meant that, I meant it.

Young male in T-shirt

I like the algebraic side. I like the working out and the puzzles.

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I love maths because there is always a solution.

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I mean mathematics is absolutely essential to everyday life.

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Mathematics develops those skills that are innate amongst all of us.

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Especially in a world today that is so driven by technology.

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Whilst it wasn’t the subject I would follow throughout further study, I needed it to get to where I wanted to go to next.

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If we were all better at maths and more confident with maths and more excited by maths, I think that the future would be a lot brighter for a lot of people.

Female with long dark hair

[laughing] I lost it, okay.

Female with parted light brown hair

I do think if we were better at maths it would lead to a better future.

Young male with jacket

Better maths, better future.

Better Maths, better future

Andrew Taylor, Head of Maths

Maths teachers do an incredibly important job, it's not just about getting through exams although that's important. Maths skills help our students thrive in a changing and complex world. So what are the big issues in maths education and how we going to tackle them?

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