GCSE Maths-our new specification transcript

GCSE Maths

Our new specification

Andrew Taylor, Head of Maths

Successful learning does not happen because of policy makers. It happens because of teachers like you. That’s why we’re here to support you and bring the new Maths specification to life in a way that connects with your students.

We have kept our student focus at the heart of our new Maths specification. Like you, we believe that your students should be able to progress with Maths and get the most out of it. In short, we want Maths to be for everyone. That sentiment has not changed.

The importance placed on Maths has changed.

Government changes

As it is such a cornerstone subject, the Government and Ofqual now agree that this should be reflected in its size and value. So the new GCSE Maths qualification will be worth two GCSEs in the performance tables. It has more content than other GCSEs and it is expected to get more teaching time in schools through extra curriculum time, or by teaching the GCSE over three years. This means there is a great deal to be done to make sure our new specification makes sense to you, and is right for your students.

The performance measure itself has also been updated. We will have progress eight, which will measure a student’s progress between key stage 2 and the end of key stage 4.  No longer will your students get lost on the C/D borderline - every mark and every student will matter. Monitoring and maximising the progress of all students will be crucial for schools and we want to help with that.

Ofqual has been very specific about what must be included in the new specification. But we have done more than fulfil these requirements.

What we've developed

We have reflected, taken on feedback from you and produced something that is relevant, realistic and attainable. We saw this as an opportunity for exciting new developments, in the questions we ask and in the support we offer.

I’ve been working in Maths education for thirty years. During that time, the greatest satisfaction has been when, as a teacher and as a parent, I have been able to help young people develop their mathematics. I love to see their enthusiasm and delight when they really ‘get’ a concept.    Now my goal is to help you to pass on your passion for Maths; sparking that interest in a new generation.

I’m proud of what we have created. It is something that will engage your students of all abilities. And our additional qualifications, such as Further Maths, Entry level and Use of Maths will also go a long way to making sure that all your students can succeed.

I want the best for Maths – it is a subject that is very dear to me.  So I am also proud that our resources and assessments will help lead to the results your students deserve in schools and colleges across the country – supporting great teaching and learning. After all, that is what we’re here for.

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