Maths is beautiful transcript

Ah why I love maths.


I love the variety.

I love maths, that is my true love.

The thing I love about maths is the problem-solving side of it in that I use it every day, every single day.

So I decided to drop the computer science and from there my love of maths just grew more and more because it was a little bit more challenging, but I didn't mind that – I worked hard, I got the grades that I wanted to get, and I got a big reward from that. I got my degree and I've got a great job in the maths sector because of that.

And you can only sit back and wonder at the power of the human mind to construct this mental artefact.

Everything in life has a value and meaning that can be interpreted; you can analyse trends in seemingly unrelated data and begin to see patterns, and I think that's really interesting in terms of the way the world works.

I think mathematics is a beautiful subject and it's a very artistic subject.

I love maths in how it can help with physics, how it can help with engineering and how it can help with music. I'm also a musician and I love maths in terms of music.

And I continue to love maths because I just get a lot of fun out of it.