Why choose this specification?

A-level Mathematics offers students with a good understanding of Maths the chance to study it at a higher level. It provides a thorough grounding in the mathematical tools and techniques often needed in the workplace. Techniques covered include algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus, which together form the fundamental building-blocks of the subject.

A-level Mathematics 6360 is the core specification for a suite of A-level qualifications: Maths, Further Maths and Pure Maths, depending on the combination of units chosen.

Teachers like:

  • how the course is structured to help build on student skills
  • the variety of topics
  • the depth of the topics
  • the flexible balance of Pure Maths and Applied Maths topics
  • how students gain mathematical skills that help with the transition into higher education.

Students like:

  • studying a Russell Group Universities facilitating subject
  • studying Maths at an advanced level
  • being able to study Further Maths as well
  • learning practical skills they can use in a variety of contexts – not just mathematical ones
  • seeing the relevance of the course to them because of the practical applications
  • the strong foundation that maths gives them for study in other areas
  • the fact that maths complements many other A-level subjects
  • learning mathematical skills that will help them in many careers.

Knowledge/skills gained:

  • understanding of the mathematics that underpin many aspects of our lives
  • the ability to apply a range of mathematical skills to different situations
  • acute logical thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • the ability to process, interpret and analyse information.


  • flexible training programmes that fit around your needs
  • Enhanced Results Analysis (ERA) to help compare student performance against other schools and colleges
  • advice by email and phone from the subject team and assessment advisers.


Students can re-sit each unit any number of times within the shelf-life of the specification. The best result for each unit will count towards the final qualification.

Overlap with other qualifications

There are overlaps in subject content between the Statistics units in this specification and the AQA A-level specification. This specification offers a number of allowed combinations of units but some combinations have restrictions for subject awards.

Private candidates

This specification is available to private candidates. For more information, please see our Private candidates page. 

Follow-on studies

Throughout the AS and A-level Mathematics programme, students are encouraged to think logically and analytically. These fundamental maths skills are useful across all kinds of disciplines and careers.

A-level Mathematics is a good choice for students considering higher education in any science or maths-based course, ranging from Biochemical Sciences, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Medical Science and Psychology to Philosophy, Economics, Accountancy, Management and Actuarial Science.

Career opportunities for students who study A-level Mathematics include: industry, accountancy, finance, economics, healthcare, medicine, veterinary science and engineering.