Mathematics (4367) (4368)

The last exams for this qualification will be in the November 2019 series.

There will be no resit opportunity.

Functional Mathematics Level 1 and Level 2 (4367, 4368) aims to promote mathematical thinking and transferable skills rather than rote learning. Students will also cover:

  • Maths that is useful in everyday situations and the world of work
  • contextual material which emphasises the benefits of Maths to people who have been 'turned off' by the subject.

The Functional Mathematics specification is suitable for students of various ages and from diverse background in terms of lifelong learning.

The Level 1 qualification in Functional Mathematics provides a good basis for progression to Level 2 in Functional Mathematics and GCSE.

Related specifications

Functional Mathematics is available at two levels:

  • Level 1 (specification code 4367)
  • Level 2 (specification code 4368).

Entry Level Functional Maths is a different specification suitable for people working towards this qualification.


Codes and references

Qualification type Functional Skills
Specification title Mathematics (4367)
Specification code 4368
QAN codes 50087022

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