Changes for 2022

Because of the ongoing impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there are some changes to how Technical Award Performing Arts will be assessed in 2022. These changes are for 2022 only.

Exams with these changes for 2022 have now taken place. This information is for reference only.

What you need to know:

  • Recorded pitch removed in Unit 1
  • Solo performance and alternative evidence allowed for Unit 2
  • Written paper will reflect changes to other units
  • How grades will be determined in 2022

Recorded pitch removed, maximum mark and updated assessment grids (Unit 1)

We’ve removed the recorded pitch in Unit 1. All work must be demonstrated in the portfolio of supporting evidence (30 marks) and transferable skills (5 marks).

We’ll moderate with a maximum mark of 35.

Updated assessment grids for Unit 1 transferable skills are available on e-AQA.

Solo performance and alternative evidence allowed (Unit 2)

Learners are allowed to complete a solo performance/production if working within a group is not possible.

We’ll allow learners to submit alternative evidence where it hasn’t been possible to record a live performance. Appropriate alternative evidence can include:

  • audio-visual recording of performance/rehearsal/snippets with commentary (audio-visual) to indicate intentions and effects
  • performer/designer notebook with commentary to indicate intentions and effects
  • lighting/sound/set/costume/puppet design and drawings
  • photographs (original and non-original) eg examples from live theatre productions that create the effect they would intend
  • audio-visual evidence of the costume worn by the performer or someone else to demonstrate how it fits and moves
  • pitch to camera to help explain design ideas
  • diorama to show designs.

Updated assessment grids for Unit 2 The Performance and Unit 2 The Production, and further guidance on alternative evidence submissions can be found on e-AQA.

Written paper will reflect changes to other units (Unit 3)

The last question of Section C in the written paper is about the learners’ work on the internally assessed units. We'll make sure that this question reflects the changes to the units, so that no learner is disadvantaged by the changes.

No other changes

The weighting of the three units remain the same.

Units 1 and 2 will be internally assessed and moderated by AQA in the usual way.

The portfolio and assessment grid for Unit 1 remain the same.

Help and support

Please contact your NEA adviser for further support on conducting the NEA.

If you don’t know who your NEA adviser is, your exams officer will have these details, or you can contact us.