Changes for 2021

This page may be out of date

The Government announced on 6 January that exams won’t go ahead as normal in summer 2021, so some of this information may change. We’ll update this page as soon as further detail becomes available.

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Following Ofqual’s announcement about changes to assessment in summer 2021, here's what you need to know for GCSE Physical Education.

Please note: these changes only apply to assessments being completed this academic year.

NEA to assess two activities only

Students will be assessed in two activities rather than three. These can be two individual activities, two team activities or one of each.

The overall weighting of the NEA will remain at 40% of the total qualification. The NEA will be marked out of a total of 75 marks (25 marks for each activity and 25 marks for the written element). We will then scale these marks.

This year we’ll be moderating by post. There’ll be no moderation visits and work will be moderated using video evidence of students’ performances.

Evidence requirements for practical performance

  • We have kept the amount of evidence we require to a minimum, so the size of your cohort will determine how much evidence we will require. Schools and colleges should ensure that they have as much video evidence as possible (both Part 1 and Part 2) for the following numbers of students:
    • all students if your cohort size is 12 or fewer
    • 12 students if your cohort size is between 13 and 60
    • 15 students if your cohort size is over 60.
  • The video evidence should cover a range of activities, across a range of marks.
  • The range of marks should aim to include the highest scoring student out of 75 and the lowest (non-zero) scoring student out of 75.
  • The video evidence for each student should be in one activity only, not in both activities, and should include evidence for both Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Video evidence should be available for at least four different activities from each school/college, where possible.
  • We will require schools and colleges to adhere to the latest National Governing Body guidance as to how sports can be played in a coronavirus-secure way.
  • We accept that the level of challenge demonstrated by video evidence may not be what we would expect given the issues around playing in competitive sport at the present time.
  • We will be accepting supplementary forms of evidence to support video evidence. More detailed guidance regarding what this might look like and how it can be assessed will be published soon, but it may take the form of written statements from teachers/coaches, formal records of competitive performance times etc. The support materials available in TOLs will be updated to exemplify how this works in practice.
  • We will be publishing further guidance on possible adaptations to competitive context to help with the gathering of evidence.

Changes to moderation of practical performance

We will be using postal moderation for summer 2021.

  • We don’t anticipate that the timelines for submitting marks and for moderation to take place will change. Therefore:
    • Schools/colleges should submit their marks using the PE centre marks and moderation spreadsheet between 15 February – 15 May 2021.
    • Upon receipt of your spreadsheet your moderator will contact you within three working days to request the work.
    • You will have two weeks to post all your video evidence, written NEA, plus any supplementary evidence to your allocated moderator. We will publish more guidance on this as soon as we can.
    • Please only send work to your moderator once it’s been requested.
    • If you feel that you’re unable to meet the evidence requirements, we’ll publish more guidance to help you with this soon.
  • The spreadsheet you use to send us your marks for the NEA will be amended so that you’re able to tell us what evidence you have for your students.

Please note, should there be any industry wide changes to the exam timetables for summer 2021 as a result of Ofqual/JCQ regulation, these dates may be subject to change.

No other changes

There are no other planned changes to our GCSE Physical Education specification or assessments.

  • The written element of the NEA, the performance analysis assessment, is still a requirement of the specification.
  • Students will be examined on the theoretical content of the specification in the usual way.

Help and support

Further detailed information about the summer 2021 moderation process will be provided soon.

If you have any questions or need support, please contact us.