Changes for 2022

Because of the ongoing impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there are some changes to how GCSE PE will be assessed in 2022.

These changes are for 2022 only.

What you need to know

  • Advance information on exams is available.
  • Students will be assessed in two activities rather than three.
  • Moderation visits are planned as normal, however, we recommend that you collect video evidence of your students’ performances wherever possible.
  • Supplementary forms of assessment evidence will be accepted.

Advance information on exams

To help students focus their exam preparation, we have released advance information on what exams will cover.

The advance information for GCSE Physical Education is available to view.

Non exam assessment

  • Students will be assessed in two activities rather than three. These can be two individual activities, two team activities or one of each.
  • The overall weighting of the NEA will remain at 40% of the total qualification and the total mark for the NEA remains 100 marks: 75 marks for the practical and 25 marks for the analysis and evaluation.
  • There are no planned changes to the performance analysis element of the NEA.
  • We recognise that it has been difficult for students to demonstrate competitive situations in some sports. For summer 2022 we will be accepting supplementary forms of evidence to help support assessments.
  • Read the full NEA notes and guidance for GCSE Physical Education.

Candidate record forms

To reflect the reduction to two activities, we have made some changes to the 2022 candidate record form.

On the candidate record form you will need to:

  • Enter a mark out of 25 for each of the two activities.
  • Using the conversion grid provided, convert the total activity mark (out of 50) to a scaled activity mark (out of 75).
  • Enter a mark (out of 25) for the analysis and evaluation.
  • Record the total mark for the NEA (out of 100).
  • Ensure the centre marks and moderation spreadsheet total (out of 100) matches that of the Candidate Record Form.


  • We’re planning moderation visits to go ahead as normal for summer 2022. As in a standard series, there is still the option for remote (postal) moderation if required.
  • For schools and colleges outside the UK (overseas) we will be offering remote moderation only due to possible Covid-19 travel restrictions.
  • Whilst we are returning to our standard visiting moderation procedures for summer 2022, the ongoing pandemic means there is still potential for disruption for this series.
  • If a moderation visit is unable to take place at the scheduled time, we’ll make every effort to reschedule the visit. If the moderation visit still can’t go ahead, our contingency plan would involve moderating using video evidence.
  • Schools and colleges should, during the course of normal teaching, collect as many video recordings of their students’ performances as possible, in case visiting moderation is unable to proceed as planned, and the contingency plan is required. See below for the contingency filming requirements.
  • We acknowledge the additional work involved in gathering video evidence, but it’s important for fair moderation that moderators can access a sufficient quantity and range of video evidence, should this be required.

Contingency filming requirements

Schools and colleges should aim to collect the following evidence:

  • For 1 to 12 students in PE cohort – all must be evidenced
  • For 13 to 60 students in PE cohort – a minimum of 12 must be evidenced
  • For 61 or more students in PE cohort – a minimum of 15 must be evidenced

The video evidence for each student should be in one activity only, not in both activities, and should include evidence for both part 1 and part 2.

The video evidence should include:

  • A range of performance at the school or college and where possible, include the top, middle and bottom performances across activities.
  • At least three different activities in total, including any predominant activities within the school or college.
  • Both individual and team activities, where the school has carried out both.

Our NEA notes and guidance for 2022 give specific guidance on adaptations for 2022 that will help you evidence performance.

Help and support

If you require further guidance, please contact us.