What is the Level 2 Higher Projects qualification

The Level 2 Higher Projects Qualification is the perfect way to encourage your students to extend and develop beyond the material being covered in class and explore their passion for a subject. It can help them to discover the joys of independent learning, take responsibility for their own study and develop new life and study skills.

The Higher Project can be offered alongside other qualifications (including vocational qualifications) as a standalone qualification. You can use the Higher Project to:

  • extend and develop your students’ learning
  • develop your students' skills in independent research and project management
  • introduce students to project qualifications in preparation for taking the EPQ as part of their post 16 curriculum.
  • give students a focused structure in which to deepen their knowledge in a particular field.

How it works

The Higher Projects Qualification requires students to carry out research on a topic that they've chosen that isn't covered by their other qualifications. They then use this research to produce a written report and, in the case of practical projects, an artefact or a production.

A student can take inspiration from something studied in class or something completely unrelated to their studies.

Projects are overseen by project supervisors who guides their student through the process.