AS and A-level Psychology new specifications transcript

AS and A-level Psychology

Our new specifications

Rupert Sheard, Qualifications Manager, Psychology

Psychology is a popular and engaging subject for teachers and students alike. Not only will your students find it relevant to their everyday lives but it helps them to develop valuable skills and interests that compliment a range of other subjects.

We have a long history of developing market-leading psychology qualifications. We have viewed the recent changes as an opportunity to build on the success of our previous AS and A-level specifications. Change can be distracting but it can also be exciting. Working with universities and the British Psychological Society our focus has been to maximise the benefits and minimise the impact on you. Most importantly our new psychology qualifications have been written for teachers by teachers.

At every stage of our development process your feedback has been relied on to improve what already works. You'll see many familiar topics from our previous specifications. Where we have made minor changes due to government requirements or where content needed to be refreshed we have made sure they add value and relevance for you and your students.

If you're new to AQA you will find that our new qualifications offer clear and accessible content and assessments set out in a way that gives you the flexibility to decide how you want to teach. Our new informative and inspiring qualifications are grounded in the sciences and develop skills such as numeracy, data analysis, research skills and critical thinking. They also require students to develop vital literacy skills such as argument construction, extended writing and the ability to evaluate material from different psychological perspectives. You can be confident that our new specification will give your students a fascinating introduction to the subject.

Compulsory content which is common to both AS and A-level covers the core areas of psychology and will develop an understanding of research methods gained through classroom experience of practical psychology. By having common fundamental content we have given you the flexibility to teach students of both levels in the same classroom. This also gives your students a sound understanding of psychology as a discipline regardless of which level they study. It is our job to help you teach to your students' strengths.

In our new A-level specification you can choose from a range of interesting, popular and diverse topic options. They've been grouped so that students can develop a coherent, holistic understanding of psychology no matter which topics they choose. We know that with any change giving the right tools to teach is essential. That is why we've developed a comprehensive range of high quality resources to support you with classroom activities and delivering new content. These include schemes of work, lesson plans, examples of students' work and other resources which will be provided free of charge.

There are benefits to being the most popular choice for psychology: leading publishers want to work with us and ultimately with you. We are working in partnership with them to develop three engaging textbooks and other interactive materials to support your teaching. We will also be offering free face-to-face and online events as well as preparing to teach meetings.

I'm personally excited about our new specification and the resources and support we are offering you to bring it to life for your students.

We've created our new specifications with you in mind.