Teaching and learning resources

Our useful teaching resources will help with lesson plans and teaching A-level Electronics 2430.

They include:

  • schemes of work for AS and A2 to help you structure your available teaching time: you’ll find clear explanation of how to teach topics from diodes to amplifiers, and robotics to radio communication
  • ideas for AS coursework problems, ranging from creating a security system for the home, bicycle or car, to monitoring the human heartbeat
  • ideas for A2 coursework problems, ranging from receiving FM radio transmissions to using a microcomputer for home security
  • clear real-life examples of presented coursework
  • Logic Gates clearly explained.

The latest exam documents and controlled assessment tasks are available in the Secure Key Materials area of e-AQA for those eligible. You need to register and log in to be able to access these resources.

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Lesson planning

Teaching guidance

Resources for students