Why choose AQA for ELC Science

We design qualifications to enable students to engage, explore, enjoy and succeed in science. By putting students at the heart of everything we do, our aim is to help teachers shape success in science for every student.

Entry Level Certificates (ELCs) are nationally recognised qualifications which give students the opportunity to achieve a certificated award. The ELC Science specification is co-teachable with our GCSE Combined Sciences to suit students who are studying both qualifications. The assessment is on demand so your students can complete assignments when they are ready, helping to keep them motivated. Like all of our science qualifications, we use straightforward language in our tests to allow students to focus on the science and achieve the results they deserve.


As an approved Entry Level qualification, the ELC Science specification provides excellent progression to GCSE studies particularly in GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy and GCSE Combined Science: Synergy.

The ELC provides flexibility, but on a clear progression pathway. It equips students with skills and knowledge transferable to both educational and career settings, and provides a worthwhile course for students of various ages and from diverse backgrounds in terms of general education and lifelong learning.

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Support and resources to help you teach

We’ve worked with experienced teachers to provide you with a range of resources that will help you confidently plan, teach and prepare for exams.

Teaching resources

Visit to see all our teaching resources. They include:

  • a support book to provide additional information and support for non-science specialists
  • worksheets to cover all components in this specification to use for classwork assessment or as teaching resources
  • support from Coursework Advisers
  • training courses to help you deliver AQA science qualifications, including Teacher Online Standardisation
  • subject expertise courses for all teachers, from newly qualified teachers who are just getting started to experienced teachers looking for fresh inspiration.

Keep your skills up-to-date with professional development

Wherever you are in your career, there’s always something new to learn. As well as subject-specific training, we offer a range of courses to help boost your skills.

  • Improve your teaching skills in areas including differentiation, teaching literacy and meeting Ofsted requirements.
  • Prepare for a new role with our leadership and management courses.

You can attend a course at venues around the country, in your school or online – whatever suits your needs and availability. Find out more at

Help and support available

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