Changes for 2021

This page may be out of date

The Government announced on 6 January that exams won’t go ahead as normal in summer 2021, so some of this information may change. We’ll update this page as soon as further detail becomes available.

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Following Ofqual’s announcement about changes to assessment in summer 2021, here's what you need to know for GCSE Biology.

Please note: these changes only apply to assessments being completed this academic year.

Practicals can be studied through demonstrations

Students can study the required practical activities through demonstrations and simulations if it is not possible to carry them out in person. However, we still recommend doing them in person where possible.

This will make it easier for teachers to plan and deliver the practical activities.

It should also still enable students to learn about the practical apparatus, techniques and processes in enough depth to demonstrate their understanding in exams.

No other changes

There are no planned changes to our assessments for GCSE Biology (8461), Chemistry (8462), Physics (8463), Combined Science: Synergy (8465) or Combined Science: Trilogy (8464) in 2021.

Ofqual’s decisions on summer 2021 exams will mean that exams in GCSE Science specifications will follow the same structure and format as those in summer 2019, and will assess all of the components and objectives described in the specifications, including students’ knowledge and understanding of working scientifically, the apparatus and techniques and the required practical activities.

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