Focus on success: GCSE science

Understanding assessment

Bring out the best in your students with our free assessment training packs.

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Supporting great teaching

Our training packs have been designed to help you bring out the best in your students. Each pack covers a different topic. You’ll unpick question types and look at what AO2 and AO3 really mean for teaching and learning. You’ll also look at how to overcome the challenges around maths in science faced by teachers and students and dig into the different ways practical skills are assessed in the exam.

Each pack includes:

  • guidance notes to help you run each session
  • PowerPoint presentation with ideas for group discussion
  • activities booklet
  • handouts

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Training packs Publish date

Pack 1: Extended response questions
Help your students master the extended response


Pack 2: AO2
Prepare students to manage enquiry techniques and procedures and scientific knowledge in an unfamiliar context


Pack 3: Practical questions
Get ahead with practical assessment


Pack 4a: AO3 – presentations and activities 
Help students to analyse information and ideas

Pack 4b: AO3 – data source
Case studies and questions for your students to practise their analysis skills

Pack 5: Maths in science
Understand maths assessment


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