KS3-5 Science: Support for the whole journey

We believe in holistic science teaching and assessment from Year 7 to Year 13. Our curriculum and resources help you introduce science skills and concepts early, building naturally to more complex ideas and approaches, while assessing progress at every stage.

Logical, linear and comprehensively supported, AQA science is accessible to all.

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Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 Science Syllabus – Cover the programme of study with 10 big ideas taught across two to three years.

Student checklists – Track your students’ work during their KS3 Science studies.

Year 7/Year 9 transition tests – Assess the skills students need for the transition to either Key Stage 3 or GCSE.

Teachit – Professionally edited resources for teaching and learning.

Testbase – Test questions, mark schemes and examiner comments.

Key Stage 4

Science for all suite – Our range of qualifications designed to help you bring out the best in every student.

End of Year 10 science tests – Tests, mark schemes and standardisation materials are now available.

Exampro – Searchable past paper questions, mark schemes and examiner comment.

Exampro's Mark Entry and Reporting tool (MERiT) – Download our end of Year 10 tests and materials then enter your students' results into MERiT for reporting and analysis.

Maths skills in GCSE sciences – Information and resources to help you integrate maths skills into the classroom.

GCSE Practicals Resources – Support for practical skills in exams and the required practical activities.

Teachit – Professionally edited KS4 resources for teaching and learning.

Key Stage 5

AS and A-levels designed with progression in mind – Co-teachable biology, chemistry and physics qualifications.

Applied General Science – Vocational qualifications to give post-16 learners a practical introduction to science.

A-level Environmental Science – Interactive and practical qualifications exploring contemporary issues and thinking.

AS and A-level practicals resources – Understand the CPAC and practical endorsement and bring best practice into your classroom.

AS and A-level mock exams – A second, secure set of sample assessment materials for use in mock exams.

AS and A-level transition guides – Biology, chemistry and physics packs to help students hit the ground running.

Exampro – searchable past paper questions, mark schemes and examiner comment.

Maths skills briefings for A-level sciences – Resources to help you teach the specific maths skills needed.