Steps to success in science – supporting students' progress at GCSE

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Supporting literacy in science – all students are different and in science some students find that there are some hurdles to their success.

Why is literacy so important in science?

  • it's vital to pupils' achievement at Key Stage 4
  • pupils need to demonstrate their understanding in writing. Some may struggle to do this, particularly when it involves an extended answer
  • literacy enables pupils to achieve their full potential in education and beyond.

How can we support you and your students?

  • we've brought you the best practice examples to support teaching and learning for student progress at GCSE
  • each of these documents is available in Word and PDF versions so they can be tailored to your individual needs.

For teachers with:

  • students who are considering a BTEC in science
  • students who are expecting to achieve a grade E or below in GCSE sciences
  • Entry Level Certificate (ELC) science students.

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