Our suite of qualifications gives your students the opportunity to gain essential skills to prepare for their future, no matter what their background, ability or motivation. Every teacher should feel equally inspired to engage, stimulate creativity and develop their students at every level. Our specifications and assessment do just that:

  • we continually talk to teachers to ensure we give them the right support and help they need
  • our qualifications have been designed with teachers' input to push students to attain their best possible results
  • a full range of support is available, including subject advisers, resource banks and teacher standardisation to ensure you get the most out of your students.

We also offer a scheme for recording achievement, the Unit Award Scheme (UAS). Established in 1984, UAS recognises the progress and attainment of students through their completion of short units of work. Its flexibility means it can be used in many different educational settings, eg to accredit non-formal learning which would otherwise go unrecognised. UAS can also be used alongside our ELC and PSE qualifications – it can be used as a stepping stone to achieving these, or to accredit units completed by students where they do not manage to complete enough to gain the full qualification. Further details of the scheme and the registration process can be found on our webpages.