Everything you need to know for the administration of Awards and Certificates in Personal and Social Education (5800) can be found in the Centre administrative procedures guide 2020/21.

Complete and submit our intention to enter form to keep up-to-date with everything PSE-related.

The key dates for the next academic year sessions are shown in the table below.


Autumn 2020

Spring 2021

Summer 2021

Start of registration period:

*1 September

*7 December

*31 March

Completed registrations to be uploaded to Gateway by: 2 October 17 January 5 May
Deadline for withdrawal of/amendment to entries: 2 October 17 January 5 May
Receipt of details of your moderator by: 7 October 27 January 14 May
Submission deadline – students' portfolios to be received by the moderator no later than: 12 October 10 February 31 May
Results/feedback reports available in Gateway by: 5 November 18 March 19 August
Portfolio samples to be returned to centres (AQA will retain some samples for use in awarding and for training purposes) by: 5 November 18 March 16 July
Last date for receipt of enquiries about results 30 November 23 April 24 September
Certificates issued by: December May October

*All work must be available and ready for moderation by the start of the registration period (please refer to the Centre administrative procedures).

Entry procedures

Centre approval

Entries can be accepted only from approved centres. If your centre has not previously entered for any examinations with us, this means you're not approved. Contact AQA Centre Approval on 01483 477 989.

Internal assessment

Meetings for teachers

We hold annual teacher meetings in the autumn for centres new to the course, or whose recommendations were adjusted in previous sessions. At these meetings, we give guidance on assessing teacher-devised assessment tasks. Where possible, the teacher responsible for the specification should represent the centre at these meetings.

Marking assignments

Teachers must assess the teacher-devised assessment tasks against the assessment criteria in the specification. They should annotate tasks to help identify outcomes, to assist moderation.

Please note: if a teacher assesses the work after the registration form has been submitted and the work does not meet the assessment criteria for the level it was registered at, please do not submit it for moderation. Instead, please email to request that the unit/s are withdrawn. You may still incur entry fees.

Only submit units of work that you deem to 'pass', ie that meet the requirements of the assessment criteria.

Submission of material for moderation

Each student will be required to present a portfolio containing the teacher-devised assessment tasks they are submitting in that session. Centres should keep work on a student portfolio basis.

All student work must be available and ready for moderation by the start of the registration period (the dates are shown in the table on page 6 of the Centre administrative procedures).

Results and certification

You can view or print/download your PSE Results Statement in Gateway. Please refer to the Gateway guide for centres for more information (results for PSE are not available via EDI or e-AQA).

We will also issue credit and qualification certificates after each series.

Enquiries about results

This service is unavailable for the summer 2020 series.

If you have any concerns about your students' results, you can request an enquiry about results (EAR).

Exams officers can request this service for Personal and Social Education results via email. You can only request this once for any portfolio, and there are deadlines for making these requests.

What is available?

Review of moderation

We will review the original moderation of your school/college-marked assessments to make sure the assessment criteria were met. (We will not review individual students' work; this will be the whole entry.)

Please note that all work submitted for re-moderation must have been kept under secure conditions and must not have been returned to students.

We will also perform a clerical check to make sure that:

  • the correct level of unit has been uploaded on the results document
  • the correct qualification have been uploaded on the results document.


You must submit requests by email to Please review the deadlines for making these requests.

Cancelling requests

You may be able to cancel a request if you've not yet received an outcome. Please contact us as soon as possible to cancel a request.

Student consent

Qualification results may change, so it's important that you get students' consent before enquiring about their results. Please keep their written consent for at least six months after you have the outcome of the enquiry.


If there are five students or fewer in the entry, we will charge *£112.90 to review the moderation of your entry. For schools/colleges with more than five students in the entry, we will charge *£225.80.

If we uphold your enquiry there will not be a charge.

*These are the 2017 fees and are subject to change for 2018.


We will post the outcome to you.

Contact details

Call us on 01423 534 225 or email us at

Application for Access Arrangements

To apply for access arrangements, follow the instructions below according to the level required:

  • Entry Level Qualifications – fill in JCQ Form 11. Please consult page 61 of the Regulations and Guidance handbook.
  • Level 1 and Level 2 Qualifications – fill in JCQ Form 1, 8 or 9, as appropriate. Please consult page 60 of the Regulations and Guidance handbook.
All the relevant JCQ forms are available from their Access arrangements and special consideration forms page.

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Record forms

Academic year 2021/22