Specification at a glance

This is the only specification available from AQA in this subject area.

Five levels of qualifications are available: Entry 1 (Application), Entry 2, Entry 3, Level 1 and Level 2.

Two sizes of qualification are available at each level: Award and Certificate.

Teacher-devised Assessment Tasks

Students must submit evidence for any four units for an Award and any seven units for a Certificate. Each unit is available at each of the five levels.

Unit 1: Personal Action Planning

Unit 2: Drugs Education

Unit 3: Sex and Relationship Education

Unit 4: Personal Finance

Unit 5: Emotional Wellbeing

Unit 6: Healthy Lifestyles

Unit 7: Making Informed Career Choices

Unit 8: Applying for Jobs and Courses

Unit 9: Relationships, Behaviour and Practices in the Workplace

Unit 10: Personal Safety

Unit 11: Being a Critical Consumer

Unit 12: Introduction to Diversity, Prejudice and Discrimination


(4 units = 8 credits)


(7 units = 14 credits)

Entry 1 Award

Entry 2 Award

Entry 3 Award

Level 1 Award

Level 2 Award

Entry 1 Certificate

Entry 2 Certificate

Entry 3 Certificate

Level 1 Certificate

Level 2 Certificate

All units are equally weighted.