Support with exam preparation

It can feel as if you are steering solo sometimes. Teachers talk to us every day, every week throughout the year. We hear you’re juggling planning, preparation and problem solving, and we’re here to help.

Together we can connect the dots.

In this video, find out how to lean on us as Curriculum Manager Sarah White explains the variety of support networks and resources on offer.

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Relationship Manager Martin Hanney’s video explains how to use e-AQA and our online analysis tools to help you understand student performance and prepare for exams.

Everything you’ll need is included in our interactive navigation guide.

With our expertise and the support of the wider community we represent, there are lots of ways we can answer your killer questions about assessment, swap time-saving tips, and discover how others prepare students for exams.

To give you a taster of what we cover in our Effective Exam Preparation events, our curriculum team have these tips:

  • Analyse mocks to refine exam technique and sort out misconceptions.
  • Read the mark schemes thoroughly to see where we give credit to students.
  • Remember, mock exam questions individually don’t reflect the students’ knowledge about the entire topic studied.
  • Target revision to reflect knowledge gaps as a result of mock exam indicators.

Remember you can speak to us. It’s better to be connected.