Transferable skills

Transferable skills are mandatory. In order to fulfil the requirements of the qualification learners must show that they've successfully met the required standard of the qualification's relevant transferable skill (or skills) at least once.

Transferable skills (sometimes known as 'soft skills') have been fully integrated into the delivery and assessment of our Tech-level qualifications.

They have been prioritised by employers, higher education and professional bodies to ensure that young people understand the needs of business and industry, and are more 'work-ready' when they start their first job.

The skills

There are four transferable skills. The pages below show the standards and the evidence needed for each, and have guidance and templates to help you teach and assess them.

To find out which of these skills are needed for a particular Tech-level, see the 'Transferable skills' section of that qualification's specification.

Skills Statement

When a learner successfully completes a Tech-level qualification, they'll be given a Skills Statement that will sit alongside their formal qualification certificate. It records the transferable skills that were integrated into the qualification they studied. They can use this as evidence on their CV or application for higher education.

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