English A-level hub school network meeting - Spring 2017

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All teachers of AQA A-level English Language


This term we are pleased to offer regional network meetings for teachers of A-level English Language. These free events provide an excellent opportunity for English Language teachers to meet and support each other in planning and teaching our new AS and A-level English Language specification and to pick up useful information from AQA.

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Plymouth ENGXAH146E 3 May 2017 Check details
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Our English Advocates will facilitate these meetings to encourage discussion and the sharing of ideas. We will be providing:

  • An opportunity for you to receive new teaching resources across topics introduced at A-level
  • Help and support in creating your own mock questions including discussion on how best to do this
  • A forum for discussing local issues or topics, finding inspiration and picking up new ideas from fellow teachers
  • Updates and news from AQA.
Please note that these are not training events and they do not count as CPD. These events are for networking, keeping up to date and sharing best practice with fellow teachers.