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The Unit Award Scheme (UAS) is a unique recording of achievement scheme, rather than a qualification. It offers everyone the opportunity to have their achievements formally recognised - no matter what this is, how old they are, how long it takes or how small the learning step might be. 

"We have been using the UAS for many years and believe it to be a fantastic resource. It allows us to supplement our pupils' qualifications and is a brilliant way for them to achieve success." - Amanda Barrett, Joint UAS Co-ordinator at Warren House PRU.

What more can we say! Take a look at what UAS can offer you and your learners.

Links with AQA Qualifications

UAS can be used with most of the Entry Level Certificates (ELC) and QCF Personal and Social Education (PSE) qualifications. This approach can be used:

  • as a stepping stone towards achieving a full qualification
  • to accredit the work done by students who have not managed to complete enough units to gain the overall qualification.

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